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When NOT To Be Chill

Storing your bourbon bottle in the fridge is not a great move. Yes, yes, I'm gonna get some flack around this, because, truly, I'm a guy who says drink your bourbon how you like it. But on this one, I'm sorry. Just don't do it folks.

Most of the flavor and character that bourbon has comes from the lipid molecules and fatty acids passed on from the barrel aging process. When you drop the temp on bourbon, those proteins and sugars congeal, and you can hide the true flavor of the spirit

If you don't believe me, just think about the way your liquor store stores bottles. Just like you don't see bottles laying on their sides and you don't see bottles in the front window or under a skylight, you also don't reach into the cooler to grab your bottle of bourbon!

So why on EARTH would you put it in the freezer when you get home???

Not to argue the point with you, as you can do what you like with YOUR bourbon.

But as most veterans will recommend trying a neat pour before heading for the ice bucket or the water dropper, the same goes against having your first pour come out of a near zero/sub-zero temperature. True, everybody likes their drinks different ways, but I challenge you, do your own research. Do your own experiment, and see for yourself.

Take 2 bottles of the same bourbon, one for the fridge/freezer, and one for the countertop, Try the chilled one, wait several seconds, then try the countertop one, and see what you get. Then reverse it. Try the countertop one again, wait, then hit up the chilled one. Any difference? You tell me!

You want your Blanton's to taste like Crown Royal??? Put them both in the freezer, and that's exactly what will happen!

Prove me wrong!


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