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Hunting Like a Pro: Pricing: What's a good price?

Bourbon hunting season is deep upon us, and I get asked a lot, "What's a good price?", or what's a bad price for a bottle that you've come across. When I'm shopping the first thing I do is pull up the app or website of a big box store like Total Wine, Liquor Barn, your ABC stores, Walmart, Costco, whatever for what state you're in. You'll find very competitive prices for what you're looking for there.

But what if the bottle you've come across is no longer being sold at retail? My fallback is to search the online groups that I'm in, whether it's a community group, club group, or even a secondary marketplace group. Just be ready for the price tags that you're going to get in those search results. The absolute last thing I'd do is post a message in a whiskey group talking about "What's a good price for xyz?" You'll be guaranteed to get a bunch of wrong answers, local information for a region/state you're not even shopping in,

or the "I used to be able to get that bottle for such and such a price." Not very useful information some times. And people can get a little crude when they think you're about to pay too much for a bottle, so you can't get in your feelings too much at their replies.

So before you crowd source, use that same device you've picked up to check out your large retailers. You'll get quicker answers, and a better idea of how much bang you're about to get for your buck.

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