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Hunting Like A Pro

It's getting to be Bourbon release season, and the fall always brings great bottle drops all over the country. If you're on the hunt, here are some quick skills to starting honing to help you get the prized bottle you've been searching for.

  1. Shop big and small; big box liquor stores & ABC stores have lots of buying power, and often get nice allocations for their distributors. But don’t forget your smaller mom and pop stores either. Many times you'll find bourbons there that have been sitting there forever because no one has taken interest in them.

  2. Shop in different neighborhoods, different cities, and even different states or countries. There's nothing like hunting while you're traveling. Popping into a local bottle shop, or duty free, or even bars can have you heading home trying to figure out how to squeeze a little extra room in your luggage or your trunk.

  3. Build a relationship with the staff or owner at the stores. It's common sense, if they like you, if you've struck up a conversation with them, IF THEY KNOW YOU, you'll get better outcomes.

  4. Shop the other aisles, and higher margin products like wine and beer, if you drink them. If beer and wine isn't your bag, you can always give them away as gifts or take them to your next house party. An extra $15 on your bill for a bottle of vino or a six pack of craft beer won't break your bourbon budget, And it will certainly help get you with the store owner.

Once you have that relationship, you'll be surprised the bottles that will be held back

or ordered specially for you to help you fill that empty hole in your liquor cabinet.

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