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"Stop The Hate" ...OR... "The Burden of the High Proof Drinker"

Let's talk real talk!

As this whiskey and bourbon boom continues, one of the things I seeing a lot of from the "experts" or more experienced bourbon drinkers is shade thrown at drinkers of low proof spirits. If someone posts in your favorite whiskey group a bottle of Basil Hayden's or Gentleman Jack or Crown Royal 80 proof, talking about "Fresh Crack" or "Just picked this up! What do ya'll think?" they're likely to get dragged in the comments.

And that’s not cool!

It's funny, but it's not cool!

As a Bourbon Steward, I'm telling you there is nothing wrong with it, just like there's nothing wrong with adding ice or water to your whiskey. I use it as an opportunity to educate and see where someone is on their whiskey journey.

Remember, much of the whiskey in the world is right at 80 proof. That's your Scotch, your Canadian, your Japanese, heck, even most of the rum, tequila and vodka you drink technically "low proof".

Now, personally, I do agree, in fact, I'll INSIST, that most of the time you'll get more flavor and therefore a finer experience if you drink a whiskey with more alcohol than a whiskey with more water in it. It just makes sense to me.

But for those of you high proof drinkers, those of you who don't buy a bottle of bourbon unless it cask strength or barrel proof. Let's take it easy on the low proof folks. If they're drinking whiskey or bourbon, you've already got a lot more in common with them than you think!

And for those of you who are tired of getting side eyed for drinking whatever under 100 proof. Or for those of you doing the side eyeing, you know who you are! Meet me back here next week, and we'll talk about how to step your game up in the whiskey world!

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