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Step Your Game Up!

Last week we talked about how you can get out of your 80 proof spirits world and expand your horizons. This is truly where bourbon and American whiskey really excel in my opinion. Some of you have been drinking the same whiskey the same way since you were of drinking age--whatever that age was.

Everybody's got there thing about drinking what they like, how they like it. But I challenge you. Setup a flight of the same whiskey at different proofs--neat, no ice, no water and and taste them side by side.

If you're a purple bag Crown Royal drinker, that comes in at 80 proof, Try it followed up by Crown Royal Black, at 90 proof, and note the flavor differences. Actually, Crown Royal Black was one of my gateway whiskeys into the world of bourbon.

If you're a Jack Daniel's fan, take Old No. 7 at 80 proof, with their Single Barrel Select at 94 proof, and add on their Single Barrel Select Barrel Proof which jumps to over 130 proof. See what you get!

There's tons of ways you can step your game up with whiskey. And many of these bottles you can find in smaller sizes, so you don't have to buy a whole fifth. Trust me, it could just very well change your life!

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