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So You've Blown Your Bourbon Budget!

So you've been out there hunting bourbon, and you finally come across the bottle you want. That treasure that you've only heard of on social media or a podcast.

Doesn't it look good??!!!! I can see you licking your lips already!

Then you look down at that price tag! Boom, "My husband or wife is gonna kill me"

"My check doesn't deposit until Friday!" You don't know if you can swing it.

Well, one of the benefits of being in bourbon groups & clubs is--I can almost guarantee that someone in your city or region is looking for that SAME bottle. Maybe they didn't KNOW they were looking for that bottle, until you brought it up to them

I don’t care if it's a $50 bottle, or $250 bottle, if it hits you at the wrong time of the month (or year), it's the wrong time.

Join a local club and start building relationships with your local enthusiasts, and split that bottle 2-, 3-, 4-, however many ways you want. Empty bottles are easy to find online or your local hobby store. Whether it's 375ml, 200mL, or 100mL, chop it up, make it easy on your pocket. You probably weren't even gonna drink that whole fifth anyway, because it's "too precious"!

This will get you to actually crack that bottle, and you can move on the to next one!

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