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Don't Get Heated!

I'm stopping by to warn you about storing your whiskey in direct light. Exposing your bottle to heat can and will decrease your volume of whiskey over time. And Direct sunlight through a window can be hotter than a radiator, so never have your whiskey shelves or cabinet near an exterior window.

I was in a bar in St. Louis once, and the back of the bar was actually the glass window outside facing the street. First of all, anyone can bust your windows and pull whatever top shelf bottles they wanted in a quick smash and grab. But in times of year that the sun hits that window, that bar is definitely in for some trouble!

Also, lighting up your liquor cabinet may look cool, but those lights can get pretty warm. We're not just talking about old-school incandescent lights. Put your hand near a fluorescent bulb in your home, and see how much warmth is coming off of that bad boy.

Lastly, if you're in a warm state like I am in Texas, think about your bottles in the back seat like you would your baby or your dog locked up in the hot box of the car. I had a busy weekend trying to get between bottle pickups and a BBQ and check out what happened to the corked bottle I'd left in my truck. Pure amateur move!!! That cork was ready to POP! (Check out the video!)

Anyway, ya'll be careful with your bottles out there in the streets, or at home and we can toast together the way whiskey is SUPPOSED to disappear. By tasting and enjoying it!

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