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Don't Forget to Chew!

Don't Forget to Chew!

A lot of us out there have forgotten some of the things we learned in kindergarten.

Have you ever popped a couple of green Skittles (my favorite) or unwrapped a Starburst banana and swallowed that joker whole? Uh, NO.

Last week, we talked about how chilling whiskey can freeze the fatty acids that give bourbon it's flavor. If I do drink a whiskey with an ice ball, or with some other chilling alteration, I'm going to let that spirit sit on my palate for a few seconds, to let it warm up, to chew it, to let it coat my mouth. To TASTE IT, and enjoy it!

The same reason that you don't swallow a Jolly Rancher whole, or a Skittle, or a Starburst is that you want to savor it. (And not choke yourself, but I digress), Don't swallow so quickly, even if it IS a shot.

This isn't kool-aid.

This isn't iced tea.

This isn't water!

Let the spirit do what it do, and let it warm up in your mouth!

Prove me wrong! Let me know what you think on social media @bourboninblack, or shoot me a DM on Facebook.


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