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Discover the meaning of Couple Promise Rings

Rings are among the most sought-after pieces of jewelry that women wear. These rings are powerful symbols and are worn in many ways. Depending on the style of the finger they speak volumes about your personality they can add a touch of elegance to your outfit and can reveal your feelings with elegance and sensitivity. Rings make a wonderful present for anyone, whether it's to be given or received. Are you unsure what finger to put your new ring on? The Rigal jewelry store allows you to learn the significance of rings worn on women's hands. If for many, the engagement ring that is worn on the left ring finger is the standard, the reason behind wearing a ring on a different finger isn't clear. Be aware that there isn't a standard or tradition to adhere to, but leave room to your own preferences or even the most original to create a look that is reflected in your personality.

Why wear a ring

There are many reasons to encourage someone to wear rings. This timeless and refined accessory can be worn every day for its aesthetic value. A ring is ideal to complete an outfit and enhancing the hand. A ring may also represent the desire to be committed to a person. It can be the memory of a significant occasion or a tribute to someone dear to you. On the other hand it is a very good way to express your character and personality or to showcase your style and preferences.

At Rigal there is an array of ring models. There's something for all from solitaires to rings set with colored stones. It is important to us to provide you with collections of rare elegance. We use our expertise and passion to your service to create collections and creations that are sought-after and have the most stunning effects.

The significance of rings on women's hands

Are you unsure of which finger to put your ring? Let yourself be guided by the Rigal jewelry store.

Put a ring on your finger with a ring

Ring fingers are often associated with wedding rings and engagement rings. This finger symbolises the transition from single to married life. This custom is based on the ancient belief that a vein, known as "Vena Amoris" connects the left index finger to the heart. It's been a popular tradition despite the fact that it is not supported by scientific research. Rings worn in this setting has a strong symbolism linked to love and deep affection. If in the West the wedding ring is placed on the left, in Russia, Norway or Spain it is worn on the right hand. In reality, the traditions differ based on the cultures of different nations.

Attach a ring to your index finger

The index finger signifies the power, ambition and confidence. This finger is used to indicate something, such an object or direction. This is the reason it displays strength and it can be used as a way to attract attention and respect.

In the past, rings featuring the coat of arms of the family were frequently put here. Kings and queens wore precious stones here to display their power. It was forbidden for peasants to put an earring here.

According to the concept of palmistry that interprets the lines and other signs of the palm of the hand the index finger is the finger of Jupiter, god of gods in Roman mythology, or Zeus in Greek mythology. If you choose this option it's a way of showing your worthiness.

Ring your middle finger

The middle finger is the longest of the hand. It usually symbolizes responsibility, wisdom and maturity. In the meaning of ring rings on women's hands, wearing a ring on the middle finger could signal confidence or assertiveness. Because the middle finger is a lot noticeable, putting the ring is sure to draw the attention of others.

In Greek mythology the middle finger is associated with the god of celebration and wine, Dionysus. Putting a ring on the middle finger relates to the notion of power and freedom.

Ring your thumb

In different cultures, the thumb could symbolize strength, optimism, independence, will or regeneration. For some, wearing a ring on their left thumb signifies that they are waiting for love.

Put a ring on the little finger

The small finger, often referred to as the little finger, it is linked to intuition, emotions and communication as well as consciousness. Wearing a ring in this location indicates that someone is listening to their own thoughts and being kind, as well as conveying their feelings.

It is important to adhere to one's own desires, and not the trends of other people. It is important to remember that the various views and interpretations of the rings are not universal.

Traditions and beliefs that are associated with rings

The mythologies and beliefs of rings span the time. In Antiquity these jewels were wore by crown heads. They were thought to be a symbol for their authority, their greatness and their power. The rings, especially the signet ring were also used to seal important documents.

Other beliefs confirm that the ring shields against evil spirits. It also suggests the possibility of drawing luck and prosperity.

The custom of wedding rings and engagement rings dates back to Roman Antiquity. They were later exchanged between two people as a sign of commitment and love.

There are a variety of meanings for rings on women's fingers today. It can be used to reveal your personality, to mark a wedding, to remember an important moment or show off the ring, there are many reasons to wear rings.

How do you choose the perfect ring?

In addition to the meaning of women's rings Certain criteria should be considered when choosing the jewellery of your dreams:

Choose between diamonds, metals or precious stones. Choose a style that you like that reflects your personality and lifestyle, and showcases your hand.

Try different sizes and shapes to find one that suits you.

Take a measurement of your finger's length to make sure the ring will fit.

Do not be afraid to seek advice from an expert jeweler in the selection of your ring, because it is not always easy to find that rare pearl as the choices are so diverse.

What's the significance of rings on men's fingers?

There are a few similarities in the meanings of the rings worn by men as well as the ones that women wear. The ring finger is reserved for weddings, commitment to others and dedication. The thumb symbolises determination and freedom of thought. A ring on your index finger may be a sign of a certain level of determination. The middle finger, also known as the middle hand is associated with individuality, identity and the ability to balance for some. For the small finger, it symbolizes intelligence, influence and communication.

Rigal jewelry is distinguished by exceptional know-how passed down from generation to generation. Rigal uses only the highest quality materials to create unique robust and durable pieces. Whatever special occasion you're looking for a an ring for, our rings will never be able to disappoint you.

Although the meaning of rings on women's hands can help you with your thinking but the most important aspect is to pick a style of ring that is appealing to you. Remember that ancestors' practices and the latest trends are not to be imposed upon at any cost. As we have shown, there is not a single definition. If you don't want to wear your wedding engagement ring to the left, that is your choice. You can interpret this jewel in any way you like. Your ring is an expression of your feelings and experiences. Your jewelry tells your story.


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