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Apache Server For Dummies PDF.pdf

All modules can be compiled as a Dynamic Shared Objects (DSO is an object file that could be shared by multiple apps while they are executing) that exists separately from the main apache file. The DSO approach is highly recommended, it makes the task of adding/removing/updating modules from the servers configuration very simple.

Apache Server for Dummies PDF.pdf

An Apache web server can host multiple websites on the SAME server. You do not need separate server machine and apache software for each website. This can achieved using the concept of Virtual Host or VHost.

In order to setup IP based virtual hosting, you need more than one IP address configured on your server. So, the number of vhost apache will depend onnumber of IP address configured on your server. If your server has 10 IP addresses, you can create 10 IP based virtual hosts.

Running Php files on Apache needs mod_php enabled on your server. It allows Apache to interpret .Php files. It has Php handlers that interpret the Php code in apache and send HTML to your web server.

If you have to recompile your web server i.e. apache on normal Linux platform, you have to manually select/search the module that is required. cPanel provides Easyapache functionality that is a script based web server compilation method.

I just uploaded the second one and changed permissions to apache:apache and rwxr-xr-x so I wouldn't have problems with permissions, but when I try to access the second file with I get this:


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