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Charles Watson

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Nice try…but that's about the only positive thing you can say about this lackluster attempt to blend psychological thriller with eerie horror monsters. The script desperately tries to be intelligent and innovating but the result is a very poor and tedious movie, even for the already low 90's standards. The story handles about an overly ambitious psychology student who motivates a clique of people to go on a mountain-weekend where he'll finish his thesis about phobias. The point is that all the participants get over their fears by talking about them and, in the meantime, our college boy can process his own childhood trauma. Upon arrival, everyone's fear comes to life in the shape of a life-size wooden dummy. Of course the puppet means trouble! It's made by Indians…it's always the Indians with their spiritual evils, I tell you!! This movie takes itself way too seriously and the makers actually seem to believe that the subject matter is deep and complex! It's not! It's more than obvious that every character hides one of several dark secrets and the viewer figures them all out long before they reveal the "truth" themselves. I've rarely seen a movie so predictable than "The Fear". The story gets more and more annoying near the end and, the more clever it tries to be, the more ridiculous it all looks. The wooden "evil personified" dummy isn't very impressive and the squeaky stretching-sounds he constantly makes aren't my idea of eerie sound effects. Pinocchio actually was a lot scarier…at least he could do tricks with his nose. The acting performances are forgettable, even though I'm sure the guy who came up with the idea to offer Wes Craven a small role is very proud of himself. In case you're looking for some really unsettling evil-dummy horror movies, check out "Pin" (brilliant but disgracefully underrated 80's thriller) and "Magic" (staring a young Anthony Hopkins".

Phobias YIFY




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