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Attack On Titan Map Comparison __EXCLUSIVE__

But then I ticked on how they calculated the size of the titans. They used "meter-class", which mean they have the metric system. The metric system having been invented after the French revolution in 1789 and was finally accepted by the French Academy of Science on 26th March 1791.

Attack On Titan Map Comparison

I've also noted that Mikasa (in the trainee corps arc when Eren seems unable to have his "natural balance") speaks about "artisans" who make the 3D maneuver gear, and with a look with the general development of the city (no trains, no steam boats). This suggests that the industrial revolution (1840) has not yet taken place. My theory is that titan have appeared (year 743 in the story) between 1791 and 1840 (and that because of that new-found enemy, the industrial revolution never took place...). The story starts with the colossal titan 102 years later (year 845 in the story), which means between 1893 and 1942 in our calendar.

It doesn't say where they are except for the name of the walls the humans hide behind as protection from the titans. But seeing as the character names are of German decent (and even some of the lyrics from the anime's openings), I'd say they're in Germany, or somewhere in Europe that has very strong German influences. In all reality though, they're just somewhere on Earth, hiding behind walls from human-like, man-eating creatures

Since some of the characters in the show talk about the world before (Hanji and naming the titans after the infamous cannibal Sawney Bean), it's completely likely that the series takes place in the future rather than before common times.

Well, flintlocks such as in this show, weren't really made as well as they were her until the 1700's. Though, as we can see, from multiple parts in the manga. As-well as in the show, their ships are wooden, and they are pre-industrial era. Which means, this show probably is taking place at about 1750-1800 AD. As they are past the renaissance, though, they did not quite reach the industrial era yet. Which means, it is actually probably in the 1800's as technology has halted for a hundred years. As the titans came into play in the 1700's, and for 100 years people have just been halted. If you notice though, if this had happened 100 years after, in 1850. Or 1950, the titans would not have been much of a problem due to the weapons. It is almost as if the titans came at about the perfect time, where humans were just un-able to mass murder the titans. If it were set after a modern era however, then there would obviously be better machinery around, such as tanks, airplanes, or even spacecraft. It is quite evident that it is pre industrial, and this is evident not only through their weapons or technology for that matter. But their clothing as-well. Many nations at the time had organized looking clothing, and a system of departments for the military. So, the best bet for when this show is occurring is from the 1700's, when the titans arrived, till the 1800's, which is when the show and manga takes place. If anyone says it was in the 900's, remember, weapons and technology such as in this were not seen on a mass scale, or at any large scale at all. 1700'S = Titan Arrival, 1800'S = AOT

Since the titans have only been on the earth for 100 years, and the people left only have technology of Cannons, ect. They obliviously aren't going to be in a future of our timeline with this technology, but they could be if other events were changed in their past. But it seems way more likely that they are around the year c.700-c.900 on the original timeline.

I always thought of it as a futuristic collapsed society type theme. They were forced to build walls and revert back to medieval society but they focused their technology on their ODM gear to combat the titans. There is reference to the past (our current real life time). Perhaps the biggest supporting evidence of this was episode 6 where Misaka's kidnappers are talking about her race and they state:

hope that helps. the year that it starts out on is 845 so the yearly calendar reset for some important reason, but it hasn't revealed a lot about the history yet (just that the titans appeared over 100 years ago.) As far as location goes it's safe to assume that it is probably German. accounting for the kidnapper's claim that there is currently only one race and we have names like: -Yaeger (german for hunter) -Arlert is old german anglo-saxon, and Armin's wiki page trivia section states that "The name 'Armin' may have multiple meanings, either from an old German word meaning "whole", or "Herman", meaning "soldier"". _Arlert -Erwin - Derived from the Germanic name Hariwini, composed of the elements hari "army" and win "friend".

The Ice Titan can solo both the gamma and beta king titan. The forest titan does not have the 10x damage bonus against corrupted creatures, making it a lengthier battle, however, It can also deal full damage to the King Titan while he is kneeling, unlike most creatures and weapons.

With various attacks from both the fireball down to calling meteors at specific locations which cause the Enflamed debuff, to put it simply, the strategies that you would normally use for other bosses and titans would not work for the King Titan. But with proper preparation, even the King of Shadows can be dethroned. Element suddenly spikes up from the ground around the arena and glow with a deep purple The battle begins when the King Titan sends out an enraged roar as the sky turns purple.

No matter the strategy you use, you MUST keep his attention centered in the arena. This has very little leniency for his movements. Failure to do so will cause the titan to be brought back to the center and he will restore health.

The battle advances in back and forth phases between attacking the titan and defending element nodes that will spawn with 150,000 health. During the main battle phase keep an eye out for Corrupted Tumors alongside his other spawns. The tumors themselves have 15,000 HP and failing to destroy them will cause them to spawn a Corrupted Giganotosaurus which can further complicate this difficult fight. During the element node phase the King Titan will kneel down, taking 80% reduced damage and bombarding the area with occasional meteors mainly around himself. When the element node spawns you have one of two options:

On Alpha difficulty, the Mega Mek can be summoned, making the fight easier. However, in other cases, it has no weakness, albeit Mek's bonus damage against Titans. Also, some of the King Titan's attacks are very slow and can be reacted against.

Titans are a unique variant of Bosses found on Corrupted Earth in Extinction, they dwarf almost every boss in size and are unmatched in power. As a roaming-summoned Boss, they can only be summoned from their arena-specific flooring through activating the terminal found within dungeon-depths of the cave before being seen in the map. Unlike other bosses, however, these can be tamed by eradicating the corruption emerging around their body parts. Also unlike other Bosses, which appear as level 1, all Titans arrive at Level 1000 or above with each titan having a specified level (and will gain boosted level depending on its taming efficiency), which is impossible to achieve for any other tamed creature without cheating.

Once all the corruption has been expelled from the Titan, it will fall down unconscious. All the survivor needs to do is to "use" to tame the titan. There will be a Tek Platform saddle already pre-equipped onto the the Titan. All of the Titans except the King Titan can be permanently tamed in Single Player. Another thing to note is that Titans cannot be leveled or earn XP through any ways; they will remain at the level they are tamed at. Prior to Patch 287.110, Titans were able to be fed with Kibble to prevent them from starving to death.

Each Titan requires different type of strategies when removing the corruption if the survivor intends to tame them, as the corrupting tumor spawns at random spots on the Titan whenever another tumor is destroyed or after a set period of time. This, alongside each Titan's different attack patterns, makes it imperative to prepare accordingly. Also, the Titans remain within the center of their respective summon locations (except for the Desert Titan). If they move too far from it, not only will they start to move back, their health will quickly regenerate.

The world starts out with a certain number of powerful megabeast and titan entities in existence. If a percentage of the megabeast and titan population dies out during history generation, then history generation will stop early. For example, if the elimination value is 80%, and the generated history starts with 200 entities and 160 of those 200 entities are eliminated by historical events before the End Year is reached, history generation will stop immediately.

The percentage of dead megabeasts and titans for stoppage will not be checked until this year is reached in history generation. This can be used to ensure that a world reaches a certain year even if all of the megabeasts in the world are slain earlier.

Titans will begin to attack your fort once at least this many dwarves inhabit it, regardless of whether any other attack criteria have been met. This number defaults to 80, which isn't usually too difficult to deal with.

Titans will begin to attack your fort once you have exported at least this many dwarfbucks-worth of goods, regardless of whether or not any other criteria have been met. This parameter defaults to None (disabled).

Titans will begin to attack your fort once the fort's total wealth has reached this many dwarfbucks in value. This happens regardless of whether any of the other criteria, such as population, have been met; therefore, even with 1 dwarf, a fort could be attacked if the fort were worth at least this value.

Demons are similar to titans and forgotten beasts, in that they are procedurally generated, but unlike titans, they are not unique. Thus, many different types of demons will exist in the world, but there will be many members of each type. Setting this to zero means no demons will exist, limiting the amount of fun you can have. Thanks to certain fun things, fewer demon types also means fewer goblin civilizations[1].You need at least 2 demon types, or goblin civilizations won't exist. 350c69d7ab


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